Volunteer at Pride with the Sex Now Survey

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People celebrating and waving flags at Toronto's annual Pride Parade

What is Sex Now Survey?

Sex Now Survey is a community-based, national gay men’s health survey. The study is housed at the Community Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health (CBRC) in Vancouver, BC.

Why are you doing this survey?

Abigail Kroch

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Abigail Kroch

Director, Applied Epidemiology Unit

Abigail Kroch is applied epidemiologist with experience in academic, government and non-profit settings. Her work focuses on translating epidemiological data for use in program planning, policy making and to support community engagement.  At the OHTN, she …

Exploring the role of Social Work in supporting people affected by HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder

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man speaking with a social worker

Research Team: Andrew Eaton (nominated principal investigator), Jocelyn Watchorn (co-principal investigator), Shelley Craig (co-principal investigator), John McCullagh, David McClure, Chantal Mukandoli, Robert Wallace

What is this research about?

The researchers surveyed older HIV-positive adults (over 50 years of age) in …

Paul Shuper

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paul shuper

OHTN CIHR New Investigator

Dr. Paul Shuper studies how the consumption of alcohol impacts HIV prevention- and treatment-related outcomes, particularly among populations of men who have sex with men. His work entails a variety of methodological approaches, including community-based studies, …