HIV Endgame Funding Program

The HIV Endgame Program supports people and projects (including innovative, discovery-based and investigator-driven-game-changing projects) that have the potential to:

  • Meet the needs of populations in Ontario most affected by HIV.
  • Drive changes in policy and practice across the HIV prevention, engagement, and care cascade.
  • Lead to more integrated health and social services.
  • Identify effective ways to address the social determinants that have a negative impact on the health of communities most affected by HIV.
  • Contribute to a rapid learning HIV health and social system.

Please review application guidelines before submitting an application and contact OHTN staff if you have any questions.

Fall 2022-2023 Grants

Incubator Grant

Project funding to establish high-risk , high-reward initiatives that will test, evaluate, and scale up innovative interventions and effective programs and services.  The intervention should be solution-focused, ready for implementation, disruptive to the system or act as accelerator to close gaps in HIV prevention, treatment and care, and provide timely and early access to data.

OHTN Training Award: High Resolution Anoscopy

Applications are welcomed from licensed physicians in Ontario to undertake training in high resolution anoscopy. Applicants must be providing care to individuals with HIV, and have access to medical facilities with the appropriate equipment (or the potential to secure such equipment). The purpose of this support is to enhance the provision of anal cancer screening and follow-up of HPV-infected, HIV-positive individuals.

Review Process

A diverse OHTN Review Committee will review and appraise every proposal submitted to the HIV Endgame Program. Review criteria will be included in the application guidelines.

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