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What is OCHART?

The Ontario Community HIV/AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART) is the accountability reporting tool for all Ontario-based HIV service organizations that receive funding from one or all of the following agencies:

  • the AIDS Bureau (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)
  • the Hepatitis C Secretariat (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care) or
  • the Public Health Agency of Canada’s AIDS Community Action Program (Ontario Region).

The OHTN has partnered with all three funding agencies to host the OCHART database and make the data accessible to funders and agencies.

How does OCHART work?

Programs use OCHART to capture their education, outreach, community development, support service and volunteer activities. Right now, 108 program or service providers are required to report their activities through OCHART twice a year. These providers include ASOs, HIV programs within larger organizations, provincial capacity-building programs, provincial Hepatitis C teams, and anonymous HIV testing and clinical services.

The complete OCHART dataset consists of thousands of data elements (or activities) from across the province, providing a snapshot of what each agency or service provider has been doing over the last six months. When all the OCHART data is combined (or aggregated), it reveals trends and changes in HIV and Hepatitis C service delivery across the province.

Information from OCHART is used in various ways. Each year, the data is compiled into an annual report called View From the Front Lines, which provides a summary of all HIV and Hepatitis C services delivered in Ontario. The EBPU, along with the AIDS Bureau and the Public Health Agency of Canada, co-hosts an annual knowledge and translation day to communicate that year’s key findings. Most significantly, data from OCHART is used by the federal and provincial governments to identify gaps in services and to make decisions about funding, programming and new initiatives.

How can the EBPU help my agency with OCHART?

Because data collected by individual agencies is used to inform federal and provincial policy decisions, it’s very important that the data be entered correctly, and that agencies understand the process as a whole. The EBPU’s mandate is to facilitate the OCHART reporting process. In addition to creating the annual report, we:

  • Provide access to the OCHART database, train OCHART users and oversee the report submission process.
  • Help agencies and programs analyze their own OCHART data for the purposes of program and strategic planning.
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