2 booklets, the left on has a map of Ontario on the cover, the right one is open to show a graph and a data table.

View from the Front Lines, 2018

Community-based HIV/AIDS programs funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health AIDS Bureau are required to complete the Ontario Community HIV and AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART) twice each year.

View From the Front Lines provides a detailed look at HIV and HCV services in Ontario, based on the information that organizations report in OCHART. This information supports the sector to:

  • understand the range of services provided by funded organizations
  • identify emerging issues and trends in client services
  • improve services and inform new program planning
  • account for use of public resources

OCHART data is analyzed and the View From the Front Lines report is produced annually.  This provincial summary gives community-based programs information about services, trends and client needs that they can use to improve existing services and plan new ones.

Download View from the Front Lines, 2018 (11 mb)

Téléchargez Perspective des services de Première ligne, 2018 (11 mb)

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