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What is OCASE?

The Ontario Community-Based AIDS Service and Evaluation (OCASE) system is a client records management tool currently used by the 32 dedicated AIDS service organizations in Ontario. Every agency that uses OCASE must record its client information and the services it has delivered in an agency-specific, confidential database. Only authorized individuals from each agency can access the recorded information.

How does OCASE work?

OCASE stores information about all of the services accessed by clients at Ontario’s 32 dedicated ASOs. The agencies use OCASE to capture data at the individual level for each client. This includes the type of support service or practical assistance that the client has accessed.

Agencies can also use OCASE to record work done by volunteers, as well as any education or outreach activities delivered by staff. Furthermore, ASO support workers use OCASE to manage and update client files, and to facilitate care-planning.

How can the EBPU help my agency with OCASE?

The EBPU team facilitates the collection of information in OCASE. We:

  • Provide access to OCASE, train OCASE users, and support the community in the development of best practices for data collection.
  • Support agencies and programs in analyzing their OCASE data for the purposes of program development and strategic planning.

To access OCASE-related EBPU services, please fill in a service request form and choose ‘OCASE’ as the area of support that you are requesting.

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