participatory evaluation

Participatory Program Evaluation Project for Toronto PWA Foundation

Research Team: Murray Jose-Boerbridge (principal investigator)

What is this research about?

OHTN supports community based service agencies in the ongoing evaluation of their programs and services, both through our Evidence-Based Practice Unit and through community-based research evaluation grants for larger projects.

This grant will allow the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, Ontario’s largest agency serving people living with HIV, to expand its evaluation processes and tools including the development of an organization performance scorecard, and the identification of performance measures related to its 2016 strategic plan. The funds will also aid in expanded implementation of its evaluation processes including specific evaluations of two additional programs and the dissemination of findings from its Annual Client Survey. Lastly it will support piloting and evaluation of a “risk assessment” tool to help the organization identify any issues that may present risks for its mandate and programs, and to further planning and monitoring.

OHTN Support:

This project is supported by a OHTN project grant of $19,818 awarded in 2016.

Photo credit: NY Photographic

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