The Black PRAISE Study

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Research Team: Winston Husbands (principal investigator), Marvelous Muchenje-Marisa, Nicole Greenspan, Valérie Pierre-Pierre, Jelani Kerr, Liviana Calzavara (co-PI), Wangari Tharao (co-PI), Orville A. Browne, Henry Luyombya (coordinator)

What is this research about?

Black PRAISE* is evaluating an intervention to reduce HIV-related …

HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men

Lori LyonsCo-infections, Current Studies, Men who Have Sex with Men, OHTN, Prevention, Research Pages

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Research Team: Trevor Hart (nominated principal investigator), Jody Jollimore (principal investigator), John Cox (principal investigator), Gilles Lambert (principal investigator), David Moore (principal investigator), Daniel Grace (principal investigator); Ann Burchell; Art Zoccole; Ayden Scheim; Barry Adam; Bertrand Lebouche; Bouchra Serhir; …