HIV Stigma Index to be implemented in Canada

CIHR has recently awarded the OHTN with funding to implement the People Living with HIV Stigma Index over the next three years.

This community-led, multi-site study will be national in scope (involving B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada) and will recruit 1,200 people living with HIV. The study will provide us with key information that will allow us to:

  • better understand the social determinants of HIV stigma (such as gender and socioeconomic status)
  • map out HIV stigma across lifespans, contexts, and systems (including the legal system, schools, and the healthcare system)
  • mobilize local and national solutions to support people living with HIV (including national media campaigns and policy change efforts).

Next steps will involve hosting a National Team Meeting, as well as hiring a National Project Coordinator. People interested in following the progress of this project can check the REACH 2.0 Blog for updates or subscribe to the Newsletter.

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