People celebrating and waving flags at Toronto's annual Pride Parade

Volunteer at Pride with the Sex Now Survey

What is Sex Now Survey?

Sex Now Survey is a community-based, national gay men’s health survey. The study is housed at the Community Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health (CBRC) in Vancouver, BC.

Why are you doing this survey?

Dedicated teams across Canada are working hard to better understand gay men’s needs and health in Canada.  We hope that with the data we collect, we can support improving the health of gay men in Canada. This year, we are also hoping to change the discriminatory blood donation policy at Canadian Blood Service.

Could you describe what I will be doing as a volunteer?

Depends on your interests and skills, you can volunteer with Sex Now either as a recruiter/survey administrator or as a dried blood spot (DBS) sample collector. This year, we will ask guys to fill out a paper version of Sex Now and do a finger prick screening. The paper version of Sex Now will the cover a wide arrange of topics including demographics, sexual health, and the Canadian Blood Service deferral policy. Finger prick sample (DBS) will screen for HIV and Hep C.

Survey administrator

  • Screen eligibility criteria of potential participants
  • Explain and initiate the study questionnaire
  • Obtain verbal consent for the study

Dried blood spot (DBS) collector

  • Explain and initiate DBS process
  • Obtain verbal consent for the DBS collection
  • Conduct DBS sample collection

Skills/Experience needed for volunteers

Survey Administrators

  • Able to be out and about under the sun
  • Able to engage with strangers

Dried blood spot (DBS) sample collector

  • Able to both sit and stand
  • Able to engage with strangers

What do I get out of volunteering for Sex Now?

Your engagement and support will promote better understand of the needs and health of gay men in Canada, and will work towards ending the discriminatory blood donation policy in Canada. We will be providing $50 honorarium for all of our volunteers.

When will I be volunteering?

Sex Now Survey data collection will happen during the Toronto Pride weekend (June 23 and 24). We ask for a minimum 4 hour shift over the pride weekend.

If you are interested in volunteering for Sex Now, please kindly fill out our volunteer survey

If you have any questions regarding the study or the volunteer opportunity, please be in touch with Toronto Sex Now Coordinator, Eugene Nam ([email protected] or 416-642-6486 ext. 2314).

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