Dragging the Worst Tweets on HIV

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) is pleased to host Dragging the Worst Tweets on HIV, featuring drag superstars Tynomi Banks, Scarlett BoBo, Lemon, Kyne and BOA. This virtual event highlights the impact of spreading misinformation online and shares the latest educational resources on HIV prevention in Canada.

The drag queens will kick off the event by sharing real tweets from online users that grossly misunderstand HIV. After that, the five queens (along with moderator Daniella Noël, inclusivity and sex educator) will discuss HIV prevention, how social media can spread misconceptions about HIV and how stigma continues to impact care for those at risk. Tune in below, and check out the HIV prevention resources we’ve gathered under the video.

HIV prevention resources

Learn even more about HIV prevention from experts.

PrEP (via OntarioPrEP.ca)

PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a highly effective way for people at high risk to have more control over their sex lives and protect themselves from HIV. PrEP involves taking one pill a day.

Our assessment tool can help you to understand whether PrEP is a good match for maintaining your sexual health.

If you don’t have a doctor and you’d like to start PrEP, getting an appointment is the first step. Use our Ontario Clinic Finder tool to locate a clinic near you.

Undetectable=Untransmittable (via CATIE.ca)

The evidence is in: If you are HIV+, take treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load, you can have sex knowing that you won’t pass HIV to your sex partner. In short, when HIV is undetectable, it’s untransmittable.

Learn more about how to make this HIV prevention strategy work for you and your partners.

Individuals and organizations who are directly supporting  people who live with or face risk factors for HIV are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between the science and community engagement on U=U.

Testing resources (via ACT)


Find local AIDS-service organizations, get tested, and more.


Get an HIV testing kit mailed directly to you (available only in certain regions.)

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