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Not all individuals in Ontario are equally at risk of HIV infection. The Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy recognizes five populations in Ontario most affected by HIV. Most people living with HIV in Ontario are part of one or more of these populations, and most new infections occur to individuals from the communities. A range of social drivers, as well as biological and behavioral factors lead to increased risk within these communities.

OHTN consults with members of each of these populations to understand community needs, and to identify relevant research priorities. OHTN conducts and funds research within each community to understand HIV risk for the population, to identify gaps in services and to develop and evaluate prevention, treatment and care services adapted to community needs.

People who use drugs

OHTN research with people who use drugs


At-risk women

OHTN research with at-risk women


Indigenous communities

OHTN research with Indigenous communities


Men who have sex with men

OHTN research with men who have sex with men


African, Caribbean and Black communities

OHTN research with African, Caribbean and Black communities


People living with HIV

OHTN research with people living with HIV/AIDS