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mother with son

The Positive Parenting Pilot Project

Research Team:  Saara Greene (nominated principal investigator), Doris O’Brein-Teengs (co-principal investigator), Gary Dumbrill (co-principal investigator), Mona Loutfy, Allyson Ion, Wanda Whitebird, Maureen Ringlein, Martha Wiles, Kerrigan Beaver, Bruce Leslie, Renee Masching, Wangari Tharao, Ruthann Tucker, Andy Koster, Sandra Seigei, Lyndon …

Tony Antoniou

Tony Antoniou

OHTN CIHR New Investigator

Tony Antoniou’s research aims to understand how people enter and participate in HIV care, the burden of comorbid illness in people with HIV, the services they use and need, and where gaps might exist that compromise …

LaRon E. Nelson

LeRon Nelson

OHTN Research Chair in Program Science for African, Caribbean and Black Communities

LaRon Nelson’s research aims to improve the “public health toolkit” to support African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) people in Ontario living with and at risk of HIV. His …

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