Resisting Burnout with Collective Care Solidarity & Believed-In Hope


February 16, 2024
9am-12pm EST
1pm-4pm EST


Registration is required, as limited spots are available. Please register for one of the following available times:



In this community gathering/workshop, activist and therapist Vikki Reynolds (PhD RCC), will facilitate a discussion on:

  • Ideas of Collective Care
  • Self care being essential, but essentially not enough
  • Collective care and building solidarity teams
  • Believed-in hope as an ethical stance

Vikki leads her workshops as community gatherings.   Each participant should log in from their own device and should be prepared to have their camera and microphones on.

Registration is required, as limited spots are available


This virtual session is intended for clinical and non-clinical workers supporting people living with HIV. This includes: HIV Mental Health workers in ASOs and clinical environments, front line support workers.

Vikki Reynolds (PhD RCC)  

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