HIV Mental Health Clinician Fellowship

In collaboration with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, the Department of Psychiatry at Sinai Health System is pleased to announce a call for applications for an innovative secondment opportunity for frontline counsellors currently employed at community-based HIV agencies in Toronto.


Funded by the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN), this unique work, educational and developmental opportunity functions as a key component of the Department of
Psychiatry’s OHTN HIV Endgame funded project, “Enhancing Models of Care for Patients with HIV and Mental Illness through Community Collaboration”. Through a close
collaboration between the community and hospital, this Fellowship opportunity aims to embed community counsellors in the hospital-based team to build capacity, coordinate
care for patients and facilitate knowledge bi-directionally between the community and hospital.

The position is designed as a 12-month secondment whereby a community-based counsellor will join the clinical team working at the Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns 4 days
each week, while also maintaining a close connection with their home agency 1 day per week. Throughout the course of the placement, the counsellor will maintain their full-time
permanent employment with their home agency. Funding from the OHTN Fellowship grant will be used to replace the frontline counsellor at their home agency for the duration of the secondment. The Fellowship opportunity, which is part of a multi-year study, has an anticipated start date of late fall 2022 for the assignment.

Role Description and Learning Opportunities

Over the 12 months of the secondment, the Mental Health Clinician Fellow:

• Will act as a community knowledge facilitator, sharing expertise about community service delivery models and supporting collaborative service delivery innovations between psychiatric care and community
• Will participate in care delivery and coordination for patients with concurrent disorders; link patients to community supports and organizations; develop skills to provide therapeutic interventions both in person and by telephone (cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing); connect patients with additional resources along the relapse and recovery process; and participate in weekly clinical case conference meetings and ongoing liaison with the treatment team
• Will develop innovative mental health service delivery collaborations between the Department of Psychiatry and their agency, with the goal of sustaining these collaborations beyond the duration of the fellowship
• Will advance capacity and receive ongoing training and clinical support from clinicians at the Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns in a number of therapeutic modalities
• Will have an opportunity to expand knowledge on a broad range of psychiatric illnesses affecting patients with HIV; increase understanding about the medical system and mental health models of care; and develop expertise in navigating access to care, triaging acuity and referral management
• Will develop and enhance skills through ongoing participation in education and scholarly opportunities within the Department of Psychiatry
• Will participate in the development of innovative and sustainable models for HIV mental health care that support and enhance collaboration between a hospital-based academic psychiatry program and community-based HIV care organization


• Degree in a Clinical Discipline (nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, psychotherapy, social work)
• Registration and current membership in good standing or eligibility for registration prior to start date with a relevant regulatory college
• Excellent organizational, communication, time management and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to work effectively both independently and as a team member in a dynamic, inter-professional environment
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Familiarity with the Ontario Mental Health Act, the Substitute Decisions Act, the Health Care Consent Act and PHIPA requirements
• Ability to adapt to a changing work environment
• Satisfactory work performance and attendance
• Demonstrated commitment to collaborative practice
• Strong decision making, problem recognition, problem solving skills and conflict resolution skills
• Commitment and enthusiasm to learn and to share one’s expertise toward a shared goal of enhancing mental health services and access to mental health services for individuals living with HIV in Toronto

Application Process

Deadline June 30, 2022

An information session will be held on June 15 at 12pm. Please RSVP to [email protected] no later than June 13.

To apply to this opportunity, please submit an updated resume to Arju Nishimura [email protected] as well as your Letter of Interest (maximum one (1) page) that clearly states your purpose and goals for fellowship opportunity, and how you hope to integrate new skills and learnings into your practice. You must also include a short letter of support from your supervisor/employer, which includes their relationship to you, contact information and a brief statement that indicates that they are aware you are pursuing this secondment opportunity. Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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