Casey House Mental Health Series

The OHTN Health HIVe is currently working on a interactive, taxonomized inventory of the entire Casey House Mental Health series, which will appear on this page shortly. In the meantime, you can enjoy a YouTube playlist of the videos here.

The Casey House Mental Health Series was established as an inter-professional educational initiative for health care providers, AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and the wider community of service providers caring for people living with HIV. The impetus for the monthly series came from a need identified by staff at Casey House and the ASO community for further education regarding mental health to provide informed care for clients living with HIV and mental health concerns.

An innovative approach to mental health education, the mental health series paired experts in HIV care and mental health with speakers from the mental health & HIV community. By sharing the inter-disciplinary nature of the audience with presenters across disciplines locally, nationally and internationally the series endeavoured to build a bridge between and amongst academic institutions, health care & community-based settings, while working to cultivate a culture of collaboration. Access to monthly mental health seminar series sessions served to meet an initial need for personnel working with clients living with HIV & mental health concerns in healthcare and social service settings where there was a relative shortage of training and/or supervision in mental health.

The series has drawn on expertise in mental health, psychiatry & HIV care and included informed practice from other fields such as, palliative care, psycho-oncology, general psychiatry, recovery models, structured psychotherapy approaches, trauma informed care and harm reduction.

The recorded video series include insights from experts in their fields including Gabor Mate (renowned addiction expert, speaker, author), Dr. Evan Adams (Chief Medical Officer with the First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia); Dr. Julio Montaner (recognized for pioneering HIV/AIDS treatments), and over 35 additional seminars with experts in the field of trauma, attachment theory, harm reduction, client engagement and inclusion & many other essential knowledge areas.

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