Anecdotes and analysis in providing remote psychotherapy services

HIV Mental Health Network Quarterly Meeting


December 13 , 2023
10:30a.m. – 12p.m. EST



Glenn Walsh (they/them), a registered psychotherapist and a member of NunatuKavut (Southern Labrador) with Inuit and European ancestry will share some of their experience providing remote psychotherapy services to members of NunatuKavut, wherever they reside, often in remote and isolated communities.

Some of the challenges Glenn has experienced include:

  • Unreliable technical connections
  • Lack of first responder services or services that were not immediately available
  • Lack of specialized services to which they could refer complex cases
  • Reliance on funding for continuation of services (as it relates to appropriately closing with clients)
  • Client fear of confidentiality breaches in small communities
  • Dual relationships

This event will be an interactive conversation that allows participants to bring their lived experience and identities into the space.


This virtual session is intended for clinical and non-clinical workers supporting people living with HIV. This includes: HIV Mental Health workers in ASOs and clinical environments, front line support workers, and private practitioners serving HIV positive clients
Attendees do not need to be members of the HIV Mental Health Network.

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