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Lynne Leonard

Lynne Leonard

OHTN Applied HIV Research Chair

Lynne Leonard’s program of research aims to have specific solution-focused health impacts on HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) prevention, diagnosis and health system performance relevant to different populations of women (recognizing the intersectionality of their …

Nathan Lachowsky


Junior Investigator Development Award Recipient

Nathan Lachowsky is working to understand how gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) use the Internet to seek sexual, social and romantic partners, to build support and information networks and …

Funding Research for Real-Life Impact

The OHTN is funded by the Ontario taxpayers through the Government of Ontario as part of Ontario’s strategic plan and response to the HIV epidemic.

For this reason, the OHTN must ensure its research investments are aligned with the province’s …

Alan Li


OHTN Policy and Practice Leader

Racialized and newcomer communities exhibit incredible ability to cope with adversities and lead healthy and successful lives despite facing disproportionate HIV burden and complex service barriers. Alan Li works with community members to support and …

Charu Kaushic

OHTN Applied HIV Research Chair

kaushic_120Women are more vulnerable to sexual transmitted infections than men. Charu Kaushic and her research team work to understand the environment of the female genital tract and the mucosal immune system in the reproductive tract. …

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