Rapid Response on barriers to accessing health care among transgender individuals

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Transgender individuals require health care that addresses their unique health concerns, including transition-related medical procedures and mental health. Poor health outcomes are disproportionately experienced by transgender individuals; these outcomes are associated with the barriers that transgender people experience when seeking …

Abigail Kroch

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Abigail Kroch

Director, Applied Epidemiology Unit

Abigail Kroch is applied epidemiologist with experience in academic, government and non-profit settings. Her work focuses on translating epidemiological data for use in program planning, policy making and to support community engagement.  At the OHTN, she …

OHTN Cohort Study – Participating Clinics

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St. Joseph’s Health Care


Ottawa Hospital
University of Ottawa Health Services


Health Sciences North


Maple Leaf Medical Clinic
St. Michael’s Hospital
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Toronto General Hospital


Windsor Regional Hospital…