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St. Michael’s HIV Rounds — March 2015

Announcing the St. Michael’s HIV Rounds for March! Please click through to view the full schedule.

Dr. Saara Greene — HIV and Mothering

The OHTN is pleased to present a new video with Dr. Saara Greene, Associate Professor at McMaster University. In the video, Dr. Greene discusses some of the qualitative findings from the Mothering and HIV study that focus on pre- and post-natal experiences. The video was produced in collaboration with the Casey House Mental Health series.

First Results from the Food Security Study

In cooperation with partners across Canada, the OHTN has been investigating the impact of food security (i.e., reliable access to healthy, safe food) on the health outcomes of people living with HIV. Data from 650 Ontario participants reveals that people living with HIV who have secure access to food experience 30% fewer HIV symptoms, as…

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New EBPU Web Presence

The Evidence-Based Practice Unit’s role is to support all Ontario-based agencies and programs funded by the AIDS Bureau (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care), the federal AIDS Community Action Program (Public Health Agency of Canada), and the Hepatitis C Secretariat (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care). We provide assistance with data collection and data management, and with…

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OHTN-funded researchers successful at CIHR

Three research teams led by OHTN-supported researchers were successful in a recent Canadian Institutes for Health Research Team Grant competition. The special competition targeting Boys’ and Men’s Health created an opportunity for Ontario researchers to secure more funding for HIV treatment and prevention among two of the OHTN’s priority populations: gay men and African, Caribbean…

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Rapid Response #92: Sexual Health of Heterosexually-Identified Men Who Have Sex with Men

What are the sexual health practices and sexual health knowledge of heterosexually-identified men who have sex with men? It is estimated that heterosexual MSM comprise 0.7% (1) to 1.3% (2) of the sexually active male population. Since heterosexual MSM do not often disclose their sexual orientation, they are less likely to be screened for HIV…

Rapid Response #91: PTSD Among People Living with HIV/AIDS

What is the prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorders among people living with HIV in Ontario? Posttraumatic stress has been well documented in the literature as a lasting mental health condition associated with exposure to a traumatic life event. Individuals living with HIV often have complicated histories, including negative experiences such as traumatic events, mental illness and stigma. Among people with HIV, trauma can have devastating mental and physical health consequences…

Rapid Response #90: Treatment Barriers and Best Practices for Newcomers Living with HIV/HCV

What barriers do newcomers living with HIV and/or hepatitis C in Canada face accessing treatment services and what are the best practices to overcome those barriers? Minority groups, including newcomers, are disproportionately affected by HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) due to social and economic factors that increase their vulnerability to infection. Newcomers living with HIV or HCV not only face barriers to treatment…

Project Remember

This month in HIV/AIDS history: Alan Cornwall dies, leaving an important legacy to his friends, family and the AIDS movement in Canada.

Did you know?

The OHTN Cohort Study (OCS) is an anonymous, observational, and dynamic study involving thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.