Program Evaluation Fundamentals


March 27, 2024
9:30am-4:30pm EST




Program Evaluation Fundamentals is a one-day, online training intended to support those that are new to evaluation or those that would like to increase their evaluation best practices.

This course includes:

  1. When and why to conduct an evaluation
  2. Identifying and engaging key stakeholders
  3. Constructing your evaluation framework (ex: logic model, theory of change)
  4. Selecting appropriate methodology
  5. Developing data collection tools (ex: surveys, focus groups etc.)
  6. Organizing and Analyzing data
  7. Sharing Findings

Upon completion, learners will have the tools to create an evaluation framework for their program, understand appropriate data sources to inform their evaluation, and finally collect and analyze data.

This virtual training is intended for ASO frontline workers.

Metty Assefa

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