HIV in Motion: Poz Women Exercise


September 13, 2022
12-2pm EST


University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation 2022 graduate Nora Sahel-Gozin interviewed women living with HIV to characterize their experiences with exercise including: gender, culture, episodic nature of HIV, HIV-related stigma, sense of belonging and perceptions of exercise.

Interviewees described facilitators to exercise that include aspirations to achieve a healthy lifestyle, using exercise as a mental diversion from stressors in life, and the desire to have an exercise companion and barriers to exercise such as limited resources, mental-health support and fitness classes.

Audience: We welcome persons living with HIV, community leaders, academics, students, researchers, and practitioners, both clinical and organizations interested in physical activity and exercise. You can join to listen in, to share your work and views, and to support others. We meet quarterly.

For more information visit:

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