World AIDS Day 2020

World AIDS Day, December 1, which also launches the start of Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week in Canada, is an opportunity to contemplate what we have achieved and what challenges still lie ahead.

As we continue to deal with the reality of COVID-19, social isolation, lockdowns, threats to access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care, gathering together to mark World AIDS Day, like many aspects of our daily lives, is moving online.

However, this does offer us the ability to check in with and participate in events happening outside of our neighbourhoods, communities, and borders.

We have collected a few of the virtual events taking place this year in a Google Slide available here.

OHESI remembers those who have lost their lives to HIV, and we recognize the efforts of our community to prevent HIV infection and improve the lives of people living with HIV.

OHESI has published a blog post with updated numbers on first-time HIV diagnoses. In 2019, the rate of first-time HIV diagnoses was the lowest since 1986 in Ontario. For males, both number and rate were lowest for first-time HIV diagnoses since 1986.

To read the blog, please click here.

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