A podium with the OHTN logo on it stands before a curtain, chair, and table in dramatic red lighting.

Our values

Meaningful Involvement and Relationships:

We nurture relationships and work collaboratively. We are committed to the greater and more meaningful involvement of people with or at risk of HIV. We connect people living with HIV, communities at risk, service providers and policy makers and engage them in meaningful ways in all aspects of our work.


We recognize and celebrate the diversity of our communities as well as the diversity within these communities. We see the variety of people, ideas and perspectives as one of our key strengths.


People with and at risk of HIV have great strength and capacity. They have proven remarkably resilient in the face of stigmatization, loss and a life-limiting illness. We will honour that resilience by providing information that will support people in managing their health, and by promoting health literacy so that people with HIV can make informed decisions about their own care.


We value different types of knowledge, including research evidence, practice evidence and lived experience. We work across disciplines and with different ways of knowing to find solutions.

Excellence and Innovation:

We conduct the best research, and strive for excellence in all our work. Solution-focused, we foster innovation, and bring data and evidence to bear on driving change.


We listen to our diverse communities and are responsive to their needs and priorities.


We confront all forms of stigma and oppression. We welcome difficult conversations.

Health Equity

We help ensure that people and communities affected by HIV have equitable access to high quality prevention, testing, support, HIV treatment and other health and social services.


We are committed to ensuring our investments have an impact on health services and systems, and on the health and well-being of people with or at risk of HIV. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in the way we conduct our work. We are open and transparent in the way we manage our resources.

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