Alternate description of Pathways from IPV to HIV

A diagram depicting linkages between IPV and HIV. An alternate description of this diagram is provided in the Endgame conference report.

This flow chart depicts pathways from intimate partner violence to HIV. There are two entry points to the flowchart: IPV and perpetrator factors.

From the IPV entry point: IPV leads to sexual assault and psychological distress. Psychological distress leaves to illicit substance use and risky sexual practices. Illicit substance use also leads to risky sexual practices. Risky sexual practices and sexual assault lead to sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections, risky sexual practices, illicit substance use, and sexual assault lead to HIV infection.

From the Perpetrator factors entry point, the three perpetrator factors are:

  1. Perpetrator’s partners’ fear of HIV disclosure
  2. Illicit substance use
  3. Risky sexual practices.

All three factors lead to higher HIV prevalence. Higher HIV prevalence and risky sexual practices lead to HIV infection.

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