A/C Track Toronto

Research Team: Winston Husbands (co-principal investigator), Wangari Tharao (co-principal investigator), and Mark Gilbert

What is this research about?

A/C Track Toronto is a study to monitor the prevalence of HIV among African, Caribbean and Black communities in Toronto, and to assess knowledge, behavioural and systemic or structural issues that may be associated with risk and vulnerability. A/C Track is one of the “Track” studies supported by The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), through which PHAC collaborates with provincial health departments and community based organizations, to measure the prevalence of HIV in Canada, and to learn about the factors that shape risk within different communities.

OHTN senior researcher Winston Husbands, and Wangari Tharao, Program and Research Manager at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands CHC are leading the A/C Track survey, in collaboration with community stakeholders, Toronto Public Health, PHAC and the OHTN. The study received Public Health funding to conduct this study in Toronto amongst immigrants to Canada, but were concerned that the funded work did not also examine the risk factors and HIV vulnerability of second generation African and Caribbean people. Working closely with the Director of the Applied Epidemiological Unit at OHTN, they designed an expanded A/C Track protocol that will connect participants to ongoing care and examine how people receive care in the healthcare system.

OHTN Support:

In partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada, OHTN is funding the expanded A/C track protocol for this study. OHTN is contribute a total of  $252,807.18, beginning in 2014, towards this research.

Photo by torontocitylife.

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