Researchers emerge from different corners of Ontario. One has a question and one has a magnifying glass.

OHTN funds projects and people that will lead to tangible return-on-investment that reduce transmission of HIV and improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV. The OHTN has a responsibility to the people of Ontario to ensure that the public funds put in its trust are well managed. To this end, and in accordance with our values, OHTN has established policies and guidelines that outline what and how we fund projects and people and that provide guidance to those reporting their work.

Funding policies and guidelines

The OHTN Engagement Accord – A document detailing the commitments that the OHTN makes to funded projects and people to support the dissemination of evidence, as well as the commitments that innovators make to the communities we serve when they are funded by the OHTN.

OHTN priorities and objectives for funding outlines our commitment to direct funding to the populations most affected by HIV

Use of Funds Policy – outlines the requirements for the effective, economical and efficient use of OHTN funds and for reporting on their use.

Conflict of Interest Policy – these policies allow researchers to engage in the work of the OHTN while being transparent about real and perceived conflicts of interest.

Plain Language Summary Guidelines – guidance for innovators in preparing this portion of their reporting requirements.

Peer review of data and evidence sharing proposals

OHTN uses a two-stage process of peer review to assess proposals submitted to the HIV Endgame Funding Program. Proposals are assessed for relevance and potential impact, as well as scientific and technical merit.

See more details on the peer review process.