Our Values

OHTN, Research Pages


Relevance, Vision and Sense of Urgency

Research funded will be relevant to and benefit people living with and at risk of HIV. Our research programs will be bold, visionary and push the field. We will maintain a sense of urgency.

Impact/Make a significant difference

Research funded by the OHTN will have the potential to have an impact and make a significant difference in HIV prevention, care, treatment and/or support. The OHTN is committed to being a trusted source of knowledge, and sharing research findings to enhance HIV prevention, care, treatment and support.


OHTN will attract the best and brightest who will be competitive at CIHR and NIH across all streams of research.


The research program will be able to respond to emerging issues and needs. It will be proactive in identifying needs and be willing to be innovative and take risks.

Equity and social justice

The OHTN’s research programs will actively promote equity and social justice. Funding will be allocated in a way that is proportional to the populations affected, and will address all factors that influence health.


The OHTN research funding programs will continue to be open to teams working across all streams of research and to expanding our network.


The OHTN’s success is based on its community-based, community engaged, collaborative approach to research. As a network, we will continue to grow together, support collective empowerment, build connections and nurture individual and collective growth.


Our research-funding program will be accountable for making responsible use of our limited resources and investing in rigorous research that has a real-life impact on those most affected by the epidemic in Ontario.

Photo credit: Joey Gannon