Knowledge Synthesis



OHTN generates research evidence to guide the implementation of effective HIV programs, services and policies in Ontario. In addition to conducting and funding original research studies, OHTN also offers expertise to our network in deriving knowledge from the existing scientific literature.

The OHTN Knowledge Synthesis Team undertakes:

Rapid Responses

Rapid response are quick reviews of particular topics, as requested by community based organizations in order to support evidence-informed programs, service delivery and advocacy. Rapid response reports examine the literature on a topic, such as the use of reminder systems to improve drug adherence amongst people with HIV or the role of crystal meth in sexual risk taking among men who have sex with men. The team generate a brief summary of key messages, as well as a listing of papers where the requesting organization can find more details.

Systematic Reviews

Systemic reviews are detailed analytic reports of all of the published research in a given field. Typically published in peer-reviewed journals, systematic reviews use scientific methods to weigh the value of studies and to create a balanced summary of the evidence discussing both the strengths and the flaws of research published to-date. The follow systematic reviews have been published by the OHTN Knowledge Synthesis Team, more are in press.


Backgrounders are documents for policy makers and for research and policy meetings to aid evidence based discussion and decision making. Examples include:

If you have questions about the work of the Knowledge Synthesis Team, please contact the Rapid Response Coordinator.