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People Living with HIV

Over 31,000 people are estimated to be living with HIV in the province of Ontario. Ontario’s HIV/AIDS Strategy aims to improve the health, longevity and quality of life for people living with HIV, as well as the quality of health services available to people living with HIV. Research is a tool to drive these improvements, and the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV is critical to its success.

Aging, the impact of co-morbidities, and access to care, including mental health services, are all research priorities that have been identified by people living with HIV. These topics are the focus of the researchers presented here. Ontario researchers are also working to understand the impact of social drivers of health on people living with HIV, and to identify programs to increase their well-being. As well, many programs of research address the needs of people living with HIV as members of particular priority populations. These portals can be used to explore those areas of research.

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