OCHART Snapshot 2018-19: Linkage to care & support services

3. Ontario’s Linkage to HIV Care

4. Ontario’s HIV support services

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We are pleased to announce the release of the last two fact sheets of the 2018-19 OCHART Snapshot series of 2018-19 fact sheets from the Ontario Community HIV and AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART): Ontario’s Linkage to HIV Care, and Ontario’s HIV Support Services. These fact sheets replace the larger View from the Front Lines annual reports from previous years in order to provide key activity data in a more accessible and engaging format.

The Ontario’s Linkage to HIV Care and Ontario’s HIV Support Services fact sheets provide a high-level summary of linkages to HIV care and the HIV support services in Ontario, based on the information organizations report in OCHART. This information supports the sector to:

  • understand the range of services provided by funded organizations;
  • identify high-level programming trends in client services;
  • recognize how funded programs contribute to the prevention, engagement and care cascade;
  • account for use of public resource
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