New Research on the Cost-Effectiveness of Community-Based HIV Prevention Programs

New Ontario research has been released about the value of community-based HIV services. The study, Economic Evaluation of Community-Based HIV Prevention Programs in Ontario, was authored by Stephanie Choi, David Holtgrave, Jean Bacon, Rick Kennedy, Joanne Lush, Frank McGee, George Tomlinson and Sean B. Rourke. It was published in AIDS and Behavior, a prestigious international HIV journal.

The study demonstrates that, from 1987 to 2011, community-based HIV prevention programs averted 16,672 infections and saved the Ontario health care system $6.5 billion. In other words, taxpayers saved $5 for every dollar invested in community-based prevention programs in Ontario.

To make the information as useful as possible, the OHTN has prepared a two page Q&A distilling the findings. Additionally, OHTN Scientific and Executive Director, Dr. Sean Rourke appeared on CP24 to answer questions about the importance and cost-effectiveness of community-based HIV prevention programs.

Read the Q&A.
Read the full paper.
Watch Dr. Sean B. Rourke’s CP24 interview.

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