Guidelines for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

The focus of this document is to provide suggested management of mother-infant pairs where:

  1. The mother is known to be HIV-infected, but has not (or suspected to have not) achieved complete virologic suppression late in gestation (near the time of delivery) or;
  2. The mother’s HIV status is not known at presentation in labour.

These guidelines were developed with the support of health care practitioners and clinicians from across Ontario. It includes contact information for selected obstetricians and pediatricians with HIV expertise as well as contact information for coordinators of clinics where HIV care is delivered to adults.

HIV Program personnel across Ontario are available 24/7 to provide telephone advice regarding management of any HIV-infected pregnant woman or any pregnant woman at high risk of HIV infection with respect to prevention of perinatal HIV transmission as well as the management and follow-up of their infants.

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