The Toronto Linkage to Care pilot, a collaborative project of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Toronto Public Health, Hassle Free Clinic and the AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs of the Ontario Ministry of Health, launched in September 2018 with the hiring of a dedicated coordinator. The pilot was developed to address current gaps in supports and linkage to care for individuals testing positive for HIV. The coordinator’s primary role was to provide brief counselling and solution-focused case management (i.e. supports and referrals) for individuals newly diagnosed with HIV in Toronto, focusing on individuals diagnosed in immigration medical clinics. These clinics were deemed a priority because they have a high incidence of HIV diagnoses and limited supports to connect clients to ongoing HIV care.

In April 2021 the Linkage to Care program transitioned to Fife House. At Fife House the Linkage to Care coordinator is housed in the Fife House Homeless Outreach team, and provides continued care for clients with more complex needs.