Inside and Out December 2014

Inside & Out Conference Report Now Available

To coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2014, The Ontario HIV Treatment Network and an interdisciplinary planning committee stationed in Kingston, Ontario, hosted a two-day conference to discuss the HIV Prevention, Engagement and Care cascade for current and former prisoners.

Attended by over 100 health care and service providers, policy makers and former inmates, the conference provided a valuable opportunity to share information and ideas on topics ranging from HIV testing and treatment to mental health services, sexual violence prevention, harm reduction strategies, transition planning for inmates returning to the community, and providing care to Indigenous inmates in a good way.

The online conference report, available at, features text and video summaries of conference presentations as well as additional content gathered from interviews with presenters and outreach workers.

Click here to visit the conference website, or start by watching the video below (please note that the conference report is in English):

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