Four new additions to the OHTN Board of Directors

The OHTN is proud to introduce the four newest members of our Board of Directors, each of whom brings to the table unique and important experiences and competencies.

colinkovacsColin Kovacs: Colin is a family physician living in Toronto and practicing at the Maple Leaf Medical Clinic. Colin has over 20 years of experience in HIV/AIDS and he currently provides comprehensive primary care to more than 650 people living with HIV. He is also involved in training and mentoring new HIV primary care physicians as well as other care providers. For much of his career, he has been involved with improving care for people with HIV/AIDS. Colin has participated in provincial, national and international research teams and has been involved with many OHTN initiatives. For the past two years he has played key roles in assisting in the planning of clinical plenaries for the OHTN research conference. He is interested in serving on the OHTN board because of the key clinical HIV issues we now face in the fourth decade of HIV. Colin will contribute his extensive understanding of the clinical research currently underway, the practice patterns currently in place in Ontario, and clinical care and systems issues, such as access to new antiretroviral and other drugs for people with co-morbidities.

tonydipideTony Di Pede:  Tony has been involved with the OHTN for many years and has been on the board in previous years. He has a great understanding of OHTN priorities as well as an understanding of where the OHTN is heading in the future. He has a good understanding of HIV research and issues related to prevention, treatment, services and support, and community capacity in Ontario and in Canada.  Tony has been involved in the HIV movement for over three decades and will bring this knowledge to the board. He is actively involved with the OCS Governance Committee. Tony is a long-time survivor, diagnosed in 1989, and he has nurtured and developed effective relationships over 25 years with a wide range of HIV academic and community-based researchers, clinicians, HIV primary care physicians, and other health care providers both provincially and nationally.

philippeelhelouPhilippe El-Helou:  Philippe is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare.  He has worked in HIV for over 20 years and will bring that knowledge and experience to the board. Philippe has a good understanding of the OHTN and its focus on research. Through his years of working in the HIV field he has a good understanding of the key issues and is committed to improving the lives of those living with HIV in Ontario. He has been involved and continues to be involved in many research priorities.

paulmacphersonPaul MacPherson:  Paul is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, University of Ottawa. Paul will bring over 10 years of experience treating people with HIV/AIDS in clinical care, and he is well aware of the new challenges and paradigms in this branch of medicine. He is also an HIV researcher who investigates questions across the spectrum, including basic science, treatment and prevention, and clinical care delivery. He also brings 20 years of experience in working with community organizations, including the Ottawa Gay Men’s Wellness Initiative, and has spoken at Opening Doors Conferences across the province. Paul believes that he will provide a balanced view of how the HIV community, academics and researchers can together continue to advance our cause and improve the lives of those living with and affected by HIV.

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