BHM 2023: Black resistance

Today marks the start of Black History Month. This year’s theme is “Black resistance.”

Members of the African, Caribbean and Black Communities have been central to HIV activism in Ontario since the early ‘80s. Today, the leadership of organizations like @BlackCAP and @ACCHO.ontario help ACB communities receive culturally-appropriate access to HIV testing and care.

The work of Black researchers, such as Notisha Massaquoi (including her work on culturally-informed intensive case-management for Black Communities in the GTA) helps to improve health and well-being, reduce HIV infections and improve HIV clinical outcomes for ACB communities in Ontario. The OHTN is grateful for the important work she and many other leaders in the ACB community are doing. We recognize their work in the spirit of Black History Month but also celebrate its importance beyond February.

As part of the OHTN Action Plan to Combat Anti-Black Racism, the OHTN has taken some important steps in 2022.

  • The OHTN Board met with representatives from Black communities to discuss progress made and seek advice. Next steps and actions will be outlined during a follow up consultation this winter.
  • A health and racial equity assessment tool that measures stakeholder engagement, race-based data collection, racial equity and inclusion is in development and I will be used to evaluate OHTN programs starting this Spring.
  • The OHTN has reviewed and approved requests to use its data holdings to investigate and resolve HIV issues relevant to Black communities.

We encourage you explore, share and get involved. Follow our partners on social media to learn more!

  • Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention @BlackCAPTO
  • Love Positive Women @lovepositivewomen
  • The African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario @accho.ontario
  • Women’s Health in Women’s Hands @whiwhchc

Women’s HIV AIDS Initiative @whai.ontario

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