Single red candle on a black background with the words "World AIDS Day December 1" in large white letters.

A Commitment to the Meaningful Engagement of People Living with HIV

Over the past 30+ years, despite facing many challenges and losses, people living with HIV have had the vision and determination to launch effective community-based organizations, shape research and clinical care, and champion just, equitable policies. This effort is not over.

The OHTN is a network of people working collaboratively to improve the lives of those living with and at-risk of HIV. This goal can only be achieved when people with HIV and their allies are involved in meaningful ways that build on their experience, wisdom and knowledge. The greater involvement of people with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) is never achieved once and for all; it is a commitment that must be continually renewed.

On this World AIDS Day, OHTN staff and leadership re-commit to engaging people living with HIV in all of our activities: as staff, as partners, as advisors, as leaders and members of research teams and as users of research knowledge.

World AIDS Day is an opportunity to:

  • remember those we have lost
  • reflect on the achievements of people living with HIV and their allies over the last 30+ years
  • recognize and re-commit to the dignity and human rights of all people living with HIV

The passionate engagement of people living with HIV is essential to create a future where HIV transmission is rare, and where people living with HIV lead long, healthy lives free of stigma and discrimination.

Jean Bacon
Interim Executive Director, OHTN

Tony Di Pede
OHTN Board Chair


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