A podium with the OHTN logo on it stands before a curtain, chair, and table in dramatic red lighting.

To reach OHTN staff, call 416-642-6486 or 1-877-743-6486 and enter the appropriate extension.

Barry Adam
Senior Scientist, Prevention Research
adam@uwindsor.ca 2242

Muna Aden
Research Coordinator at WHIWH
muna@whiwh.com 2256

Shelina Akter
Director, Finance and Administration
sakter@ohtn.on.ca 2312

Loudes Alexandar
Coordinator, Administration & Events
lalexandar@ohtn.on.ca 2239

Jean Bacon
Executive Director
jbacon@ohtn.on.ca 2207

Tsegaye Bekele
Senior Analyst, Biostatistics
tbekele@ohtn.on.ca 2203

Sandu Branga
Coordinator, IT
sbranga@ohtn.on.ca 2225

Michelle Camilleri
Analyst, Knowledge Synthesis
mcamilleri@ohtn.on.ca 2272

Diana Campbell
Senior Lead, ASO and Community Initiatives
dcampbell@ohtn.on.ca 2227

Chris Carriere
ccarriere@ohtn.on.ca 2248

Ken Cheung
Senior Lead, IT and Sata Systems
kcheung@ohtn.on.ca 2232

Sean Colyer
scolyer@ohtn.on.ca 2316

Enrique Garcia
Coordinator, Gay Men’s Mental Health
egarcia@ohtn.on.ca 2205

Danielle Giliauskas
Analyst, Knowledge Synthesis
dgiliauskas@ohtn.on.ca 2302

David Gogolishvili
Senior Lead, Knowledge Synthesis
dgogolishvili@ohtn.on.ca 2258

Rebecca Gower
Specialist, Analysis & Reporting
rgower@ohtn.on.ca 2230

Maxwell Groves
Specialist, IT Support
mgroves@ohtn.on.ca 2208

Winston Husbands
Senior Scientist, ACB Research
whusbands@ohtn.on.ca 2212

Robert Hudder
Database Administrator
rhudder@ohtn.on.ca 2221

Clay Jones
Senior Lead, Communications
cjones@ohtn.on.ca 2215

Carlos Joseph
cjoseph@ohtn.on.ca 2235

Ryan Kerr
Lead, HIV Resources Ontario
rkerr@ohtn.on.ca 2208

Kristina Kozubal-Manson
Executive Assistant
kmanson@ohtn.on.ca 2263

Abigail Kroch
Director, Data and Applied Science Impact
akroch@ohtn.on.ca 2306

Kohila Kurunathan
Coordinator, Web & Print Production
kkurunathan@ohtn.on.ca 2217

Lucia Light
llight@ohtn.on.ca 2253

Henry Luyombya
Coordinator, Black PRAISE
hluyombya@ohtn.on.ca 2257

Lori Lyons
Lead, Program Planning and Reporting
llyons@ohtn.on.ca 2223

Lydia Makoroka
Senior Lead, Research Funding
lmakoroka@ohtn.on.ca 2244

Guy McLoughlin
Specialist, Multimedia
gmcloughlin@ohtn.on.ca 2313

Jack Mohr
Senior Lead, Policy and System Initiatives
jmohr@ohtn.on.ca 2238

Kadidja Moné
Assistant, Reception & Administration
kmone@ohtn.on.ca 2200

Alexandra Musten
Lead, Testing and Clinical Care Initiatives
amusten@ohtn.on.ca 2310

Eugene Nam
Coordinator, Research
enam@ohtn.on.ca 2314

Pake Newell
pnewell@ohtn.on.ca 2303

Carmen Ng
Lead, HR
cng@ohtn.on.ca 2204

Agatha Nyambi
Coordinator, Research
anyambi@ohtn.on.ca 2249

Shawn Pegg
Director, Collective Impact
spegg@ohtn.on.ca  2318

Nahid Qureshi
Analyst, Clinical Data
nqureshi@ohtn.on.ca 2251

Beth Rachlis
Lead, Epidemiology, OCS
brachlis@ohtn.on.ca 2216

Michelle Song
Analyst, Database
msong@ohtn.on.ca 2243

Shayna Sparling
Doctoral Intern, Applied Epi Unit
ssparling@ohtn.on.ca 2265

Ryan Stevenson
Assistant, Research Conference
rstevenson@ohtn.on.ca 2228

Susan Sun
Lead, Finance
ssun@ohtn.on.ca 2259

Eliot Winkler
Coordinator, Data & Applied Science Impact
 ewinkler@ohtn.on.ca 2224

Misa Yoshizaki
Senior Lead, Administration & Events, Secretary to the Board
myoshizaki@ohtn.on.ca 2250