About the Ontario HIV Clinic Network

The Ontario HIV Clinic Network (OCN) is a coalition of HIV clinics throughout Ontario. The OCN was formed, in 1998, out of clinics’ desire to collaborate with one another to ensure high-quality and sustained care for people living with HIV in Ontario.

Its purpose is to help clinics effectively address the ongoing challenges of providing high quality, multi-disciplinary, patient-centered and evidence-based clinical care to people living with HIV in the province.

The members meet quarterly to discuss emerging clinical issues, identify education needs, and coordinate advocacy efforts.

Vision & Mission

Ongoing collaboration and commitment to understand the latest trends in HIV and clinical care practices and ensure that:

  • All people living with HIV in Ontario have optimal HIV care; and
  • People at risk of HIV have access to appropriate HIV testing and prevention.

We work to provide excellent patient-centered care.


The OCN aims to engage clinics whose patients represent the populations most affected by HIV in Ontario’s. Member clinics should also serve a significant number of patients living with HIV. Clinics designate staff to represent them at the meetings. Clinic representatives can include clinic coordinators and directors, and other staff such as nurses, dietitians, social workers and physicians.


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