Challenges faced by HIV-positive youth transitioning to adult care and evidence-based practices to address them

Danielle GiliauskasCare, Engagement, People Living with HIV, Rapid Responses, Slider

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  • What challenges arise when youth living with HIV transition to adult care?
  • What evidence-based practices and resources facilitate successful transition to adult HIV care?

 Key take-home messages

  • The barriers to successful transition to adult HIV care include

The effect of non-injection drug use on sexual risk behaviours and ART adherence among men who have sex with men

Danielle GiliauskasMen who Have Sex with Men, People Living with HIV, People who use Drugs, Rapid Responses, Slider, Substance Use

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  • What is the impact of non-injection drug use (i.e., the non-medical use of drugs) on ART adherence, sexual risk behaviours, and overall health among men who have sex with men?
  • What are effective interventions to address the