A review of structural, process, and outcome measures for supervised consumption services

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What structural, process, and outcome measures are used to monitor and evaluate the impact of supervised consumption services (SCS)?

 Key take-home messages

  • A 2019 systematic review identified several types of outcomes from scientific literature that guide assessment

The risk of HIV among women after acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and considerations for their use of PrEP

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  • What is the current evidence among women in high-income countries regarding HIV risk after acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI)?
  • What does the evidence state regarding the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis

HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men

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Research Team: Trevor Hart (nominated principal investigator), Jody Jollimore (principal investigator), John Cox (principal investigator), Gilles Lambert (principal investigator), David Moore (principal investigator), Daniel Grace (principal investigator); Ann Burchell; Art Zoccole; Ayden Scheim; Barry Adam; Bertrand Lebouche; Bouchra Serhir; …