OHTN funds and conducts impact focused research to improve the health and lives of people living with and at risk of HIV.

Impact focused research

OHTN defines impact focused research as work that focuses on the needs of those Ontarians most affected by HIV and that draws on their knowledge and experience.  Impact focus research aims to create evidence to guide more effective HIV prevention, engagement and treatment programs. Read more about how OHTN is implementing impact-focused research.

Research Portals

OHTN research portals are a tool to allow users a to more easily access the research evidence being generated by OHTN. Users can explore research findings and resources, as well as currently funded research and researchers in a variety of topic areas and examine the research being done relevant to a specific priority population.  Portals will continuously be expanded and updated. Read more.

Knowledge synthesis

The OHTN generates research evidence to guide the implementation of effective HIV programs, services and policies in Ontario. In addition to conducting and funding original research studies, the OHTN also offers expertise to our network in deriving knowledge from the existing scientific literature. Read more.

OHTN research funding program

The OHTN impact Focused Research Program invests over $2.5 million dollars each year in support of impact-focused research in Ontario.  The program takes a strategic, solution-focused, and purpose-driven approach to funding research and researchers. Read more.

OHTN research leaders

People make impact focused research happen. OHTN recruits and supports leaders in key research areas, in consultation with our stakeholders. These research champions lead innovation in Ontario and support capacity building by developing and leading key research projects and by mentoring of others. OHTN also supports emerging research leaders. Read more.

Indigenous research initiative

The Indigenous Research Initiative works with Indigenous communities to increase Indigenous research capacity in Ontario and to support the development of culturally safe HIV prevention, treatment and care programs. The Initiative supports Indigenous researchers with funding, and also partners with Indigenous-led research groups to evaluate existing wellness programs and services, or to develop and test new approaches to HIV and HCV prevention. Read more.

OCS (Ontario Cohort Study)

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network Cohort Study (OCS) is a community-governed, province-wide research study aimed at improving the health and well-being of Ontarians living with HIV. Established in 1996, over 3,700 individuals actively participate at nine HIV clinics across the province. Read more.


OHTN hosts REACH 2.0 and the Community Based Research Collaborative. These two initiatives provide a national network that includes people living with HIV/IADS, community based organizations, front-line service providers to engage in intervention research, participatory evaluation and applied program science. Read more.