Rapid Response Service

The OHTN Rapid Response Service provides access to research evidence in response to questions from community-based HIV/AIDS organizations in Ontario to help support evidence-informed programs, service delivery and advocacy. We conduct searches of the scientific literature and contact experts in the appropriate fields to locate key information resources. Searches typically focus on identifying:

  • Systematic reviews (i.e., a synthesis of the global pool of research evidence about a specific topic or question)
  • Primary research evidence (i.e., individual research studies) that relates to the requested topic

From the research evidence that we identify, we develop a brief synthesis of the key findings about the requested topic.

If you are a community-based HIV/AIDS organization in Ontario and would like to request a Rapid Response on an HIV-related topic, see our Rapid Response Guidelines. Please note that the minimum timeline for the OHTN to complete a request is one-month.

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175 people from various stakeholder groups presented their findings at our 2011 Research Conference.