The Education & Training unit designs learning experiences online and in-person to help researchers, clinicians and students provide better care and services for people living with HIV in Ontario. We can help you host an online training event, define and achieve your educational goals during a workshop/conference, or create a learning module.

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Universities Without Walls (UWW)

Universities Without Walls  is an intensive education program designed specifically to meet the needs of both university students who want to pursue a career in HIV research and community-based champions who are involved in HIV research, and help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Visit the UWW website

HIV Residency Program

The OHTN Residency in HIV Care provides support for postgraduate (residency) training in HIV care for physicians at the PGY-3 level. The purpose of this program is to enhance the provision of HIV care in Ontario by providing the opportunity for additional concentrated HIV-specific training to physicians. Learn more about the HIV Residency Program.

Pre-clerkship in HIV

The OHTN’s pre-clerkship HIV elective program provides Ontario’s medical students with additional exposure to HIV issues, increasing their awareness of HIV management, both from the perspective of the clinician as well as persons living with HIV. Learn more about the Pre-clerkship in HIV.