Researchers emerge from different corners of Ontario. One has a question and one has a magnifying glass.

The OHTN funds research to improve the health and well-being of people with and at risk of HIV. Our research programs fund projects relevant to Ontario’s needs and help create a community of scientists in Ontario with the perspective and skills to inform Ontario’s strategic response to HIV. To ensure the excellence of the research we fund and our accountability to the communities of people living with and at risk of HIV and to Ontario’s HIV/AIDS Strategy, applications for funding undergo a rigorous scientific review process and funded research is subject to clear policies and guidelines. Potential applicants should familiarize themselves with these processes and responsibilities.

Ongoing Research Calls

The following grant opportunities are ongoing with submissions welcomed throughout the year:

  • OHTN Training Award: High Resolution Anoscopy – Applications are welcomed from licensed physicians in Ontario to undertake training in high resolution anoscopy. Applicants must be providing care to individuals with HIV, and have access to medical facilities with the appropriate equipment (or the potential to secure such equipment). The purpose of this support is to enhance the provision of anal cancer screening and follow-up of HPV-infected, HIV-positive individuals.
  • HIV Endgame Funding Program – Application guidelines will be available on October 15, 2018.

More details of these awards will be posted when a call becomes available. For more information please contact