Nutrition and HIV

Danielle GiliauskasCare, Rapid Responses, Slider

Carrots and green onions

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  • Do people living with symptomatic HIV infection or AIDS require a therapeutic diet?

 Key take-home messages

  • Nutrition is an important component of care for people living with HIV (1–5).
  • Nutritional needs for people living with HIV can

HIV eConsult Service for Family Doctors and their Patients

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Young female physician using laptop to access eConsult

Ontario is expanding an eConsult service that allows primary care physicians to ask for advice and receive support from specialists in many fields through a secure electronic system. It was first piloted in the Champlain LHIN around Ottawa. With funding …

Challenges faced by HIV-positive youth transitioning to adult care and evidence-based practices to address them

Danielle GiliauskasCare, Engagement, People Living with HIV, Rapid Responses, Slider

Image of an individual's lower legs showing jeans, socks, and shoes

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  • What challenges arise when youth living with HIV transition to adult care?
  • What evidence-based practices and resources facilitate successful transition to adult HIV care?

 Key take-home messages

  • The barriers to successful transition to adult HIV care include