Health Care Provider Network

The Health Care Provider Network develops and implements strategies to support the efforts of health care providers in the treatment and care of people with HIV. It provides the OHTN with strategic direction on:

  • Increasing the number and capacity of health care providers caring for people with HIV
  • Supporting efforts to provide integrated care, treatment, support and prevention services that address all the determinants of health
  • Developing and providing supports for health care providers using the OHTN's expertise in knowledge exchange
  • Supporting effective and innovative health information technologies

The OHTN encourages the interdisciplinary approach to HIV treatment and will engage all members of the health care team. The Health Care Provider Network receives valued guidance from the Health Care Provider Network Advisory Committee with representation from a full range of health care disciplines and people with HIV. This network contributes to the planning and implementation of the Health Care Provider Summer Learning Institute.

Committee Members

For more information on the purpose and scope of this advisory committee, see the Health Care Provider Network Terms of Reference.


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