Rapid Response Guidelines

The OHTN Rapid Response service is available to community-based HIV/AIDS organizations that provide services to people with HIV in Ontario. We provide access to research evidence in response to questions from community-based HIV/AIDS organizations to help provide insight on a particular issue or build organizational capacity.

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Requesting an OHTN Rapid Response

To submit a Rapid Response request to the OHTN, please (1) complete the OHTN Rapid Response Request Form and (2) submit the form to the Rapid Response Coordinator.

OHTN Rapid Response Request Form
Send your request to our Rapid Response Coordinator

Your Rapid Response request must include the following:

  • The written support of the organization's executive director
  • A specific, searchable question (we can assist with its development)
  • A rationale for the request (why is it necessary)
  • The timeframe (the minimum timeline for completing a rapid response is one-month)
  • The context (any relevant factors that might influence the search)
  • A list of literature already located on the subject (optional)

Our approach and the final product

For each Rapid Response, we will:

  • Conduct searches of relevant databases (e.g., Cochrane Library, Health-Evidence.ca and PubMed/Medline)
  • Review the results for systematic reviews and primary studies that are relevant to the request
  • Summarize key findings from each review and study that we identify
  • Synthesize the key findings into a concise summary
  • Send the completed summary to the requestor and disseminate it to our stakeholders

Each summary we produce through the Rapid Response Service provides 3-5 key messages from the literature, outlines the issue and why it's important, presents a more detailed summary of what we found, identifies possible factors that may affect the local applicability of the findings (e.g., where the research was conducted and with what populations) and provides a suggested citation.

For examples of previous summaries, please view the Rapid Response Archive.


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