Café Scientifiques

Café Scientifiques provide insight into health-related issues of popular interest to the general public, and in turn provoke questions and provide answers. Funded by the CIHR, Café Scientifiques are all about accessibility. They involve interaction between community and experts in an informal environment where real dialogue can occur. The OHTN supports researchers to apply for and produce these important KTE events.

Is HIV Still a Problem for Gay and Bi Men?

August 14, 2013 - 7:00pm
The Gladstone Hotel - 2cd Floor Gallery
1214 Queen Street East

Gay and bi men are still the largest group of people who are contracting HIV. Why is that? What do we need to know to prevent HIV? What do we already know? What is being done in Canada to fight HIV? How are gay and bi men fighting HIV and preventing new HIV infections?

Join us in an informal, relaxed environment to share your views and stories with friends, peers and community. Chat with our speakers. Be part of a moderated conversation.

If you are unable to attend in person, please gather your colleagues and friends and join us live for the webcast. On August 15th at 2:00pm, join us for a live blog with Dr. Barry Adam and keep the discussion going.


By 2015, half of those living with HIV in Ontario will be older than 50, according to a report released by Casey House.