Staff Contacts

Barry Adam
Scientist and Director, Prevention Research
Ext. 2242
Jean Bacon
Director, Health Policy and KTE
Ext. 2233
Victoria Bale
Director, Finance and Administration
Ext. 2312
Tsegaye Bekele
Analyst, Biostatistics
Ext. 2203
Sandu Branga
Coordinator, IT
Ext. 2225
Ann Burchell
Scientist and Director, OHTN Cohort Study
Ext. 2210
Diana Campbell
Coordinator, Program Development
Ext. 2227
Chris Carriere
Specialist, KTE
Ext. 2248
Kevin Challacombe
Coordinator, OCS Data Collection
Ext. 2228
Shiyi Chen
Analyst, Biostatistics
Ext. 2257
Stephanie Choi
Reseach Assistant
Ext. 2209
Brooke Ellis
Coordinator, OCS Research
Ext. 2224
Jody Fournier
Executive Coordinator
Ext. 2217
Kira Gangbar
Research Assistant
Ext. 2302
Sandra Gardner
Scientist, Biostatistics
Ext. 2232
Sonia Gaudry
Manager, Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS
Ext. 2214
Jason Globerman
Manager, Intramural Research
Ext. 2206
David Gogolishvili
Coordinator, Systematic and Scoping Reviews
Ext. 2258
Ramandip Grewal
Coordinator, STI Research
Ext. 2218
Cheryl Hamel
Specialist, Event Planning
Ext. 2255
Mitch Harris
Coordinator, Training & Education
Ext. 2241
Maria Hatzipantelis
Coordinator, Evaluation
Ext. 2309
Robert Hudder
Database Administrator
Ext. 2221
Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco
Director, Education and Training (UWW)
Ext. 2240
Carlos Joseph
Specialist, OCASE Development & Training
Ext. 2235
Ryan Kerr
Specialist, Multimedia
Ext. 2208
Kristina Kozubal-Manson
Assistant, Administration
Ext. 2263
Stephanie Lemelin-Bazinet
Coordinator, Research Development
Ext. 2244
Lucia Light
Analyst, Biostatistics
Ext. 2253
Henry Luyombya
Project Coordinator, CHAMP
Ext. 2265
Elisabeth Marks
Manager, Program Science and Evaluation
Guy McLoughlin
Specialist, Multi Media
Ext. 2313
Greg Mitchell
Coordinator, OCHART
Ext. 2303
Sanjana Mitra
Specialist, Knowledge Synthesis
Ext. 2256
Kadidja Moné
Assistant, Reception and Administration
Ext. 2200
Cara Murphy
Coordinator, Mental Health & Brain Health Studies
Katherine Murray
Specialist, Writing and Knowledge Synthesis
Caleb Nault
Project Coordinator
Ext. 2216
Tyler O'Neill
Graduate Student
Audrey Patocs
Coordinator, Mental Health & Brain Health Studies
Nahid Qureshi
Specialist, Clinical Data
Ext. 2251
Dmitry Rechnov
Manager, Evidence-Based Practice Unit
Ext. 2211
Robert Reinhard
Coordinator, Health Policy and KTE
Ext. 2230
Sean Rourke
Scientific and Executive Director
Ext. 2207
Sergio Rueda
Scientist and Director, Population Health Research
Ext. 2247
Dmitri Saltanovich
Specialist, Web Development
Ext. 2213
Max Silverbrook
Assistant, Research – Mental Health Initiatives
Ext. 2205
Michelle Song
Specialist, Database
Ext. 2243
Antonia Swann
Prinical, Signet Consulting
Ext. 2239
Sergiy Tyshchenko
Specialist, Web Development
Ext. 2204
James Watson
Coordinator, Community-Based Research and Peer Training
Ext. 2202
Jaime-Lee Webster
Specialist, OCASE System Support
Ext. 2301
Christen Wheeler

Emily White
Specialist, Writing and Knowledge Synthesis
Misa Yoshizaki
Manager, Administration
Ext. 2250


The OHTN Cohort Study (OCS) is an anonymous, observational, open and dynamic cohort study of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.